To Lluís Albert, the plastic expression has been a natural aptitude from his childhood, just like he says: “Since I was young I was passionate about visual perception, a memory that remained in me engraved by fire is that being in front of the pool I was soaking up the sun lying face down, the shapes and colors were invaded by sun reflections in the water of the wet floor, and I squinted, in this way a greater abstraction was introduced in the scene, the eyelashes conferred new distortions, and by this way all the things were transforming into a delightful harmony of illuminated geometries that created a new reality, whose magnificence and complexity became interminable, and I asked myself which natural mechanisms could explain that exciting visual feast: was the magical nature of the existence”. With the regulated studies Lluís Albert has shown great interest in attaining spontaneity in his artworks, which require a technical enhancement on the basis of drawing. The rectification practically doesn’t exist in his artworks, if it exists, he won´t disguise it, because it is part of his creative conception associated with the expressive sincerity.

01-06 Obras

1995-98 To carry out his creations Lluís Albert works with the drawing and the engraving (artwork 1), the watercolor and the pastel, relegating by his own conviction the oil painting for a later stage. The theme of nature remains associated with his expressive proposals repeatedly throughout his artworks. ¨I love the painting “in situ”, in order to feel better the space that I want to express, I go barefoot and by this way I can capture better the energy of the place, the soil, the stones, the temperature and the humidity. ¨ From the very beginning, Lluís Albert is able to deal with just as easily the representation of a direct visual motif (artworks 2,3,4) as well as the imaginary motif (artworks 5,6), such conjugation brings variety to his creations.

Obras 07-12

1999-02 Lluís Albert introduce the oil painting technique into his creations (artwork 7). He often combines the watercolor with the black Chinese ink, adopting these a gestural and symbolic character (artwork 8). Lluís Albert develop a series of artworks with pointillism implementation in which with the pastel technique the color takes center stage (artworks 9,10). He also starts a series of artworks in small format (that will be continued during forthcoming years) with various techniques that will serve him as creativity exercises and experimentation (artworks 11,12).

Obras 13-22

2003-04 The definitive introduction of the geometric synthesis highlights (artworks 13,14) in his wide expressive range, the unusual versatility of his creative universe was reflected in Andrés Cano´s art criticism: ¨I can never imagine what his new artworks will be like, because they always surprise me ¨. Lluís Albert continues with his pastel technique artworks in which the chromatic intensity leaves room for the rotundity of the shape (artwork 15), he pursues the austerity in the use of pictorial material, avoiding unnecessary superpositions that would disturb the essence. His education allows him to develop the artworks from the classicism (as shown in this example of a series of nude painting (artwork 16), or this self-portrait (artwork 17)) into the synthesis (artwork 18), or into the incisive expressionism (artwork 19) or the subtle expressionism (artwork 20). Through the engraving Lluís Albert carries out artworks that vary from a series of creations in small format realized with the direct and spontaneous drypoint technique (artwork 21) to elaborations of more technical nature (artwork 22).

Obra 23-33

2005-07 The characteristic of this stage is undertaking artworks in thematic series that focus on the expression of emotions as the purpose of his creations. In the ¨Fire¨ series, he tries to express this element associated with the most essential human emotions, transferring from their instincts to the emotive evocation (artworks 23,24,25). ¨Dragonflies¨ and ¨Cats¨ conform to the following series in which the concepts, ideas and emotions have been expressed through his extraordinary display of expressive languages. The ¨Dragonflies¨ series has been developed basically with watercolor and ink, whose treatment tends to a great color saturation (artworks 26,27,28,29). In the ¨Cats¨ series the pastel has been the principal technique, whose implementation is distinguished from previous stages by the preference for flat colors (artworks 30,31,32,33).

Obras 34-47

2008-11 During this period the drawing has assumed particular importance, it begins with a series of studies by ink in small format in reference to the great painters in the museums (artworks 34,35,36), followed by an extensive series of inventive drawings (artworks 37,38,39) which will serve as the basis for future artworks carried out with other techniques. Lluís Albert has established a consolidation of the Landscape painting whose technique we can appreciate in these pictures (artworks 40,41,42). Those artworks are perfectly adapted to the expression. It is a prolific stage in which he has developed diverse series of artworks with expressionist character (artworks 43,44), symbolic character (artworks 45), with geometric abstraction (artworks 46), with informalism (artworks 47)… that are expressions of his inner world.